ZEEKR’s SEA-M Architecture Is the New Answer to Future Mobility

November 17th, 2022 - ZEEKR

2022 November 17, Hangzhou – Good news for global riders who prefer a safe, effortless and relaxing way to move — future driverless mobility products are now possible as Geely Holding Group’s premium electric mobility brand ZEEKR on Wednesday debuted SEA-M architecture.

Future Mobility

ZEEKR’s sees the future of mobility to be intelligent, friendly, confident and adaptable, as advanced autonomous system in the future will safely and effortlessly take the users where they want to go.

Vehicles can become a place to entertain friends, a movable office for meetings, a room for kids to study in, or a relaxing lounge to kick back and catch some ZZZ. Users just need to take a step inside and relax on the go.


The SEA-M architecture is a high-tech mobility solution from ZEEKR refined from the original Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) to support a range of future mobility products including robotaxis, multi-purpose vehicles, and logistics vehicles, laying a solid and flexible foundation for global autonomous driving technology or ride-sharing companies to develop.

The SEA-M subverts the idea of developing vehicles around the driver, which doesn’t exist in autonomous vehicles. It gives designers the opportunity to create an intelligent mobile “living room” due to the architecture’s fundamental features such as expansive interior, open seat choice and placement option, no B-pillar, and robust electrical/electronic (E/E) backbone supporting autonomous drive and connected devices.

With flat floors and an expansive axle to length ratio, designers have been able to maximize interior space with a capsule design. The SEA-M’s advanced E/E backbone empowers multifunctional screens which allow users to keep connected or be entertained on the road.

These technologies come with no compromise on safety. All SEA-M-based vehicles will meet global five-star safety standards as well as top safety pick requirements from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).


In 2021, ZEEKR announced its first customer for vehicles built on the SEA-M platform was autonomous driving technology company Waymo, headquartered in the United States. ZEEKR and Waymo collaborated on the development of a purpose-built TaaS SEA-M variant which will be deployed with in the Waymo One ride-hailing fleet in the coming years. Waymo recently showcased its ZEEKR vehicle integrated with Waymo’s technology at a reveal event in Los Angeles in November.

The Quote

ZEEKR CEO Andy AN said: “The unveiling of ZEEKR’s SEA-M has shown the brand’s technological strengths and potential. The affirmation of partners for the SEA-M has also reflected ZEEKR’s ability to customize development according to the needs of each user. Going forth, ZEEKR will continue to work with great global partners to support better and more sustainable intelligent mobility for all.”